Message for an Adult Service Provider

You, as an adult service provider have so much to offer to the partnership. This is an opportunity for you to find out more about students that may be on your caseload in the future. Parents and their informal support networks are often rich sources for future jobs as well as support at those jobs. Your job is easier when the self-advocate is active in self-determination and partners plan together and support the self-advocate.

This is also your opportunity to help schools better prepare your future clients for the adult world. As you know, students are entitled to transition services that are provided by the public schools through IDEA (the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). Your efforts working with self-advocates while they are in school is a good investment in preparing students while they still have entitlement to that support.

Here is some other advice from the self-advocates who helped us write this workshop.

This Guide is most effective when used by a team of partners who have information about resources, opportunities and possibilities. Ideally that is the student with a disability (self-advocate), family members, educators, adult service providers and others close to the self-advocate. Remember that the self-advocate is at the center of the planning process.


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