Message for an Educator

Success after high school for most students comes when students feel like they are working, living and enjoying a life that they have chosen. However, students with disabilities have few opportunities to make choices. The Guide to Future Planning is an opportunity to help students think about the future and share what they want with others.

Ideally, this planning process works when all members of the team are active partners. This is an opportunity to bring family members and adult service providers into a structured planning process and learn what hopes and aspirations students with disabilities harbor. You will also be able to learn about other formal and informal supports that might be available to bolster the success of a student. The Guide can be used as a small group activity. We have used it with up to 5 planning teams at a time. For more information about using this as training, contact PEATC.

Here is some other advice from the self-advocates who helped us write this workshop.

This Guide is most effective when used by a team of partners who have information about resources, opportunities and possibilities. Ideally that is the student with a disability (self-advocate), family members, you and other school personnel, adult service providers and others close to your child. Remember that the self-advocate is at the center of the planning process.

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