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PEATC's Youth Corner

Nov 20, 2019


When we are at school, we meet a lot of different people. Students with disabilities are often treated unfairly. I have a lot of experience with this and it is hard. Sometimes I feel like we are invisible. Excluding people can hurt. Saying mean things about someone can hurt. But students with disabilities are just like everyone else. We should be kind to one another and accept other people’s differences.

It is as simple as including us in a class projects, group discussions, or talking to someone sitting alone. I want people to value my opinion and really listen. I want people to understand me and to accept me, and sometimes I need a little help. We all want someone to talk to, someone who understands us, someone to be a friend. I am not my disability; I am not autism. You can make a difference – talk about what makes us different so we can learn from each other. 


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