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PEATC Wants You to Get in on the 2010 Census Action

PEATC's Rosalia Fajardo Collaborates with Fairfax County to Help Families
Jan 29, 2010 Now is the time for you to make yourself count! The 2010 Census has begun, and in Fairfax County, the forms will be mailed beginning in mid-March. “Census data determines whether we get our fair share of federal money for our schools, roads and other important local services and programs,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova. “In these days of tight budgets, it’s critical that we get every federal dollar we’re entitled to receive. To ensure we do, everyone must fill out and mail back their census form by April 1. It doesn’t matter whether you are a citizen or not — you count.”

PEATC's Director of Outreach, Rosalia Fajardo is working with Census committee in Fairfax County. “I represent PEATC in the Census committee. We were appointed to represent minority families with children with special needs,” said Fajardo.

Whether you live in Fairfax County or another locality within the Commonwealth of Virginia, it is important that you fill out the Census form when you receive it. The 2010 form contains only 10 questions, making it the shortest census form in history.

If you have any questions or concerns about the 2010 Census, please contact your local city or county government office.

PEATC logo Rosalia Fajardo, third right from center, and the Fairfax County Census committee.  
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