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New Recommendations from the National Council On Disability


The State of Housing in America in the 21st Century: A Disability Perspective provides recommendations intended to improve housing opportunities for people with disabilities. This report looks at the state of housing for people with disabilities with the intent to provide recommendations that can improve housing opportunities. The research contained in this report provides a comprehensive overview of the state of housing in the twenty-first century and answers important questions about the current housing needs and options for people with disabilities living in

the United States. For more information go to


The report, "Workforce Infrastructure in Support of People with

Disabilities: Matching Human Resources to Service Needs", presents

recommendations which call for partnerships among federal departments and agencies, their State counterparts, and the private sector, including organizations involved with education/training, health care, and employment services. NCD calls for policymakers at all levels of government to proactively address these shortages and examine how labor market changes are driving both current and future supply. For more information go to

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