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Virginia Beach Celebrates 200 Years of Mexican Independence

PEATC is Making a Difference Through our Work with the Mexican Consulate
Feb 27, 2010 Viva Mexico!!!’ were his first two words as Mayor Will Sessoms, Virginia Beach, pronounced February 23rd at a performance of the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico at the the Sandler Center event to commemorate 200 years of the Mexican Independence from Spain.

Virginia Beach was the first city to hold the 200th anniversary commemoration. Virginia Beach Mayor Sessoms and his wife welcomed Consul of Mexico, Mr. Anibal Arias and his wife. The whole Latino community, including health providers, educators, realtors, artists, businesses, came to celebrate this important date for Mexico. The event was organized for Beatriz Amberman, a local community leader.

Rosalia Fajardo, PEATC’s Director of Outreach has partnered with the Mexican Counsulate over the past three years to offer hope, tools, support and knowledge to Mexican and other Latino immigrants. Roberto Quintero also worked with the Counsulate before coming to PEATC and continues to assist with outreach through PEATC’s project to serve as Virginia’s Parent Information Resource Center (PIRC). For this reason when was time to celebrate PEATC was part of this event.

PEATC offers information related to parent involvement, educational rights, and special education that is unfamiliar to most in the social services field. We view our work with these Mexican leaders to be an important vehicle for opening our doors to thousands of families and children who have received help, advice or sometimes just a word of encouragement.

PEATC wants to congratulate all the Mexican Community for 200 years of independence and reaffirm our commitment to help and support family involvement and positive futures for all children in Virginia.

Rosalia Fajardo and Roberto Quintero Eddie Reyes (Chief Deputy of Alexandria City) and his wife, Cesar Clavijo, Roberto and Rosalia Beatriz Amberman, Mrs Sessoms (First Lady of Virginia Beach), Anibal Arias (Consul of Mexico) and his wife, Cesar Clavijo, Roberto and Rosalia
Cesar Clavijo Hispanic Leader from Norfolk; Jerry Barber, new friend of PEATC; Rosalia Fajardo from PEATC; Mayor of Virginia Beach Will Sessoms; Beatriz Amberman (Art Counselor of Mexican Embassy) & Roberto Quintero from PEATC  
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