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Parent Involvement Institute

Accomack County Public Schools Work with PEATC to make Parent Involvement a reality in Accomack County.
Jul 06, 2010 Accomack County Public Schools moved forward with plans to partner with parents at the first Virginia Parent Information Resource Center (VPIRC) Parent Involvement Institute on June 14. Six Title I schools (Arcadia MS, Nandua MS, Metompkin ES, Pungoteague ES, Kegontak ES, Accawmacke ES) and Accomack County Public School leadership attended with 18 parents who represented the diversity of Accomack County.
The institute begun with the welcome words from Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and VPIRC Advisory Board member, Mrs. Jessie Duncil. She was joined by Dr. Maribeth Haines, Elementary School Coordinator and the Federal Programs Coordinator, for the district.

In the morning, the group was divided in 3 teams: administrators, teachers and parents. Each group was facilitated by PIRC staff on the team: Ivan Tolbert, Renita Henderson, Johnette Walker, Nichole Drummond, Kathy Maybee and Roberto Quintero.

During our lunch, Dr W. Richard Bull, Jr., Division Superintendent, stressed the important link between school partnerships with parents and student performance and success.

During the afternoon, each school team, with support from VPIRC staff, reviewed its own parent involvement compact, which was scored using the rubric from our Solid Foundation program. They reviewed the score card and made plans to develop the new parent involvement compact to meet best practices and Virginia Department of Education and federal requirements.

Chris Lowrie, VPIRC Director, lead the final activity, asking groups to identify the most important challenges. The top challenge identified by each group was:

Administrators: Parent Involvement

Teachers: Communication between school and parents

Parents: Communication between school and parents

VPIRC will continue to work with each school to refine and implement their plans. Each school signed on, as well for our Solid Foundation program, providing free technical assistance for the next two years. The next institute will be held for Norfolk Public Schools on July 29th.

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