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PEATC at Work in Richmond with the Mexican Consulate

Working with City of Richmond Hispanic Liaison Office to Build Positive Futures for Latino Children and Their Families
Dec 08, 2010 PEATC Latino Staff Roberto Quintero assisted the Mexican Consulate in Richmond to help over 900 Mexican families understand the importance of their involvement in their children’s education and how to access special education services.

For the past three years, the Mexican Mobile Consulate has asked PEATC to be a part of their outreach initiative and according to the words of Anibal Gomez Toledo (Mexican Consul in D.C), “The work PEATC has been doing with the community bringing information about schools and how to access special education services have been making a huge difference”.
Quintero delivered six presentations on special education, and on the importance of parental involvement. These mini-presentations are opening the doors for families in central Virginia to hear information about special education and parental involvement through partnerships with Colaborando Juntos, VCU Hispanic Dentistry Department, La Ventanilla de Salud, and with Tanya Gonzalez manager of the Richmond Hispanic Liaison Office and one of the most impactful Hispanic leaders in Richmond.
During 2010 PEATC Director of Outreach Rosalia Fajardo and Latino Staff Patricia Ojeda and Roberto Quintero have traveled state wide (Northern Virginia, Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, Eastern Shore, Hampton Roads, Roanoke and Richmond) to provide education to at least 4,000 families ensuring they have a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities in the American education system. PEATC has built a strong partnership with the Mexican Mobile Consulate’s initiative which helps families complete documentation for travel between this country and Mexico.

Going forward in 2011 PEATC will continue this strong relationship, bringing hope and help in the way of training, education and tools to families in each corner of Virginia, assuring our mission is realized— building better futures for children with and without disabilities.

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