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Northampton County Public Schools Work with PEATC to make Parent Involvement a reality in Northampton County.
Jul 07, 2011
Leadership Team at Work
Leadership Team at Work
Northampton County Public Schools moved forward with plans to partner with parents at the fourth Virginia Parent Information Resource Center (VPIRC) Solid Foundation Technical Assistance Institute on June 29. Leadership from two Title 1 schools (Occohannock Elementary School and Kiptopeke Elementary School) and Northampton County Public School attended the institute along with administrators, teachers and parents from each school that represented the diversity of Northampton County.

The institute began with welcome words from the Title 1 Director Karen Aita. In the morning, the group was divided in 2 teams: administrators and teachers in one group and parents in the other group. Each group engaged in a facilitated discussion about the outstanding issues and barriers to student achievement & parent involvement.

Throughout the day one of the most relevant themes that surfaced was the important link between parent-school partnerships and the impact on student performance and success.

During the afternoon, each school team, with support from VPIRC staff, reviewed its own parental involvement compact, which was scored using the rubric from our Solid Foundation program. Using the score card as a reference the teams made plans to revise and or re-develop a new parental involvement compact to incorporate best practices and comply with federal and state requirements as set forth by the Virginia Department of Education and the US Department of Education.

VPIRC will continue to work with each school to refine and implement their plans.

Leadership Team at Work Northampton Schools Leadership Team
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