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Seeking the perspective of students with a learning disability in mathematics for a research entitled “What do kids think about math problems and problem solving?”
Nov 13, 2013 Dear Parent/Student:

As the parent of a student with learning disability, the perspective of your child is very important to teachers of special education students and also to our current educational system.

I am seeking your help in finding students to participate in a research study designed to acquire information from a students who tend to do poorly in mathematics. Participation consists of responding to a survey, an interview with open-ended questions, and completing a diagnostic test. This can be completed in two sessions. One session will last for approximately 30 to 50 minutes and the second for 25 to 40 minutes. Students will be asked to share their feelings, attitude towards math, and mathematical thinking.

This study will not only help me to better understand perspectives of students with learning disability but it could also assist educators, administrators, and other researchers plan more individual lessons to better and more effectively teach the curriculum.

I’m seeking students who are:
• Currently in middle or high school
• Diagnosed with a learning disability in mathematics
• Currently living in Virginia

If you would be kind enough to recommend a student to participate in this study, please respond to this e-mail within one week. The participation of your child is very important and it will mean a great deal to the existing research in the field of special education. The voice of your child needs to be heard. I will follow up immediately to set up a date, time, and location for the interview.

***Also, please note that the information provided during the interview will be reported as anonymous and at no time will any name be associated with the information provided.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Damali Hay
Doctoral Candidate, Special Education Teacher
George Mason University

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