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Parents As Collaborative Leaders (PACL)

Location Announcements & FAQ
May 13, 2014
It's not too late to be a part of the 2014 Spring and Summer PACL Trainings.

These FREE 3-day trainings are all inclusive. This means your room accommodations, meals, training materials and travel reimbursement are covered. All you have to do is "lead" your family into the arrangements while you are away.

Q: Can I travel to a different region other than my home region for scheduling purposes?
A: YES, provided space is still open in the transferring region. So get your application in soon.

Q: Why aren't you announcing all location addresses?
A: We are doing our best to pick locations as central to applicants in the region as possible. We'd hate to have the majority of attendees travel across the region, unnecessarily. We hope to have all locations announced in the upcoming weeks.

Q: What happens if I applied and didn't complete the application because I didn't know the location information or had more questions?
A. Don't worry, your application more than likely saved. Please email us and let us know that you are ready to give us the thumbs up, so we can pass your application to the selection committee.

Q: Why are we expected to stay if we end up living very close to the training location?
A: Because we think you are worth the investment! We want you to get the full PACL experience, and this means immersing yourself in collaboration at dinnertime one night. Or figuring out a way to talk your PACL mate out of taking the last 7-grain bagel at breakfast. Basically, we want you to be able to come out and leave your other duties back home. We know that in some cases this is not feasible, but please, don't let that stop you from applying. If you want to attend but can't stay in the hotel, please email us. Unfortunately, leaving early or arriving late can not be arranged.

Q: I applied and haven't heard anything.
A. The selection committee will begin sending acceptance letters this week.

Q: Where do I apply?

See the attachments for more details about the training. You can call or email: if you have additional questions.

NOTE: Region I Training has been rescheduled to the new date below
Region III: May 28th - May 30th 2014 Location: Tide's Inn 480 King Carter Drive, Irvington, Virginia 22480
Region IV: June 11th- June 13th 2014 Location: Holiday Inn 111 Hospitality Drive, Front Royal, Virginia 22630
Region II: June 25th- June 27th 2014
Region VIII: July 9th-July 11th 2014
Region V: July 23rd- July 25th 2014
Region VII: August 13th- August 15th 2014
Region VI: August 18th- August 20th 2014
Region I: September 10th – 12th 2014

Need help finding your region:

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