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Virginia's first Down Syndrome Awareness license plate

Be a part of Virginia history!
Oct 29, 2014
Down Syndrome Awareness license plate
Down Syndrome Awareness license plate
The Arc of North Central Virginia needs your help IMMEDIATELY to make Virginia's first ever Down Syndrome awareness license plate a reality!

This plate will NOT got forward unless The Arc of North Central Virginia has 450 pre-orders in hand by the end of 2014.

The Arc of North Central Virginia (NCV) is pleased to announce a unique opportunity to raise awareness about Down syndrome AND help support individuals with I/DD! They are now collecting pre-orders for a Virginia Down Syndrome Awareness license plate! The first and most critical step to making this plate a reality requires YOUR HELP.

Please help NCV make this license plate real and not just a drawing on your screen!

Think of this campaign as a "petition"...

In order to gain approval from the Virginia General Assembly, and subsequent approval from the Department of Motor Vehicles, we have to PROVE there is a demand for this license plate. This is done by submitting 450 pre-orders to the DMV. Without these 450 applications physically in their hands by the end of 2014, this plate design will not move forward ... they are asking for 15 minutes of your time.

Here are the THREE EASY STEPS to support this campaign AND get yourself this beautiful license plate once it is approved:

1) Click here to print your application (only first page required; 1 per vehicle): and then fill it out. You can find the required title and vehicle information on your DMV Registration card or at

2) Make out a check payable to The Arc of North Central Virginia; $25 for a standard plate, $35 for a personalized plate.

3) Place the application(s) and check in an envelope and mail it to: The Arc of North Central Virginia, P.O. Box 852, Bealeton, VA 22712

Frequently Asked Questions:
• How does your purchase support the Arc of North Central Va?
Once there are 1,000 active registrations with this license plate (our ultimate goal), for every $25 the DMV receives related to this plate (purchases and renewals), $15 will be returned to the Arc of North Central Virginia ANNUALLY for grant and other advocacy programs directly benefiting individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

• When do you absolutely have to have my application?
Yesterday. Kidding...but not totally! We are basing all of our advertising and media efforts on the number of applications we have received, not by the numbers of IOUs and interest. We are so thankful that you support our cause, but please, we ask that you send in your applications as soon as you can. They don't count unless we have them in hand! The deadline is the end of 2014.

• Does the cost of this new special plate include my vehicle registration fees?
No, your registration fees are not included during the new plate development process. You must renew your current vehicle registration with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles when it is due. After the DMV issues your new plate, the plate fee will be included in your next vehicle registration renewal.

• Can I still get this plate if I just renewed my registration and plates?
Yes. Pre-ordering this plate has no effect on your current registration and plate purchase/renewal. If approved, your pre-order won't be processed by the DMV until mid to late 2015. When that occurs, the DMV will adjust your account accordingly.

• How will I receive my new plates?
DMV will mail your new plates to the address on your DMV customer record. If you changed your address, please contact DMV to update your customer record. Your order will include one set of plates – one for the front and back of your vehicle, year and month decals, and a new vehicle registration card.

• What should I do with my old plates?
Upon receipt of your new license plates, please return your old ones to any DMV location. Also, if your plate number has changed, be sure to notify your insurance company of your new vehicle plate information and update your EZ-Pass account, if you have one.

• When can I expect my new license plate?
The turnaround time for a new license plate issued in Virginia is 9 months after it becomes law (July 1). Therefore, new plates should be ready for shipping to applicants by Spring of 2016.

• What happens if the plate is not approved?
If there are unforeseen circumstances and the plate is not approved by the General Assembly, we will try again next year! We will contact you to either refund your money or see if you want to sign up again

The Arc of North Central Virginia thanks you for your support!
Marilyn McCombe
Arc of North Central Virginia

Down Syndrome Awareness license plate    
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