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A NEW On-Demand Training Webinar

Presented by Summer Jones and Co-Hosted by NoVaDC CHADD
Feb 27, 2015
Every parent knows that no two children are alike; different genes, different temperaments, and different experiences assure this. What is the same for all children is the impact that early experiences and relationships have on their development, and ultimately their readiness for school. Social and emotional skills develop within the context of relationships, beginning at birth, and set the foundation for how each individual will experience relationships over the course of his/her lifetime. This Webinar will help parents and caregivers gain greater understanding about ways they can support healthy social and emotional development from an early age, and what this may look like for children with challenges related to ADHD, spectrum issues, and learning disabilities.

Summer Jones is a bilingual early childhood and mental health professional with more than ten years of experience supporting the healthy development of infants, children and families through direct and indirect services in both English and Spanish. She has provided technical and research program support to Early Head Start and Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention programs. Through her work in parent education programs, individual and group counseling, classroom support and consultation with teachers and caregivers, and parent and teacher trainings she works to increase understanding and awareness of infant and toddler development and needs.

This presentation is co-sponored by PEATC and NoVaDC CHADD

Watch this NEW webinar here:

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