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Is My ADHD Student Ready for College AND Success?
Apr 08, 2015
"Is My ADHD Student Ready for College AND Success?"

Each year colleges go through an exhaustive vetting process and ultimately determine hordes of students are eligible for admission to their institutions. But are these students really “ready” for this experience? A huge percentage of students with ADHD answer “no” to this question through their behaviors as an estimated 40% fail the first semester of college. Many of these potential graduates never return to college and a larger percentage of those who do graduate languish under or unemployed.

How do parents determine whether their children are ready to be successful in college?

How do they determine what these students specifically need to be thinking about, doing, learning, and developing at this point so that they can be successful in both college and career?

Dr. Jon Thomas, LPC has worked with High School and College students who have ADHD for over 25 years. Drawing from the lessons learned from his experiences, he will discuss approaches that can be taken now to assure students will attain the requisite critical thinking, creative, emotional, and life management skills required for academic and career success.

You can access the webinar HERE:

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