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A NEW On-Demand training Webinar

"Finding Hidden Gold for Special Needs Families"
May 01, 2015
"Finding Hidden Gold for Special Needs Families"

Hear from special needs financial advisers, Mark Friese and Chase Phillips, as they discuss how to effectively plan for the long term aspirations and security of our loved ones living with special needs. Topics to be discussed include finding the most cost effective funding techniques for Special Needs Trusts; determining future financial needs and providing adequate resources; putting together a team to coordinate services for your child; and establishing a roadmap for future medical, legal, and related services for your family member with special needs.

- How can I make sure my child receives benefits he or she is entitled to?
- Should I establish a special needs trust?
- What government resources are available to my child?
- What steps can I take today to ensure the financial well-being of my child and surrounding family for the future?
- What happens to my assets when I pass away?
- How does a family fund a special needs trust?
- How do I invest in a special needs trust when interest rates are so low?
- What is a letter of intent and why is it important?
- How do I protect my own retirement while also providing for the well being of my child for his/her lifetime.
- What is the The ABLE act and how will it help my family?

Watch this webinar HERE:

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