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A NEW On-Demand training Webinar

The Intersection of ADHD with Foster-Adoptive-Kinship Families
May 07, 2015
"The Intersection of ADHD with Foster-Adoptive-Kinship Families: How can caregivers help?"

In honor of National Foster Care Month in May, we focus on the unique needs of children and youth with disabilities raised in foster, adoptive and kinship homes.

Included in the presentation will be the rate of ADHD and other disabilities in families formed through foster care, adoption and kinship care (non-birth parent relatives raising children); the connection between trauma and disability; what is known about the ADHD diagnosis and Executive Function deficits; how working with the school system can create an effective team support network, and parenting strategies that contribute to positive outcomes for families raising children with special needs and ADHD:

· The role of executive function skills in home and school life and why mastering these skills can be a challenge for children and youth in adoptive, foster and kinship families.

· Simple strategies for parents and caregivers to engage positively with their children, reduce conflicts, and replace problem behaviors.

· The approaches for working cooperatively with teachers, social workers and other professionals who support your child and family.

You can watch this webinar HERE:

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