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"The Value of Functional Behavioral Assessments"
Jun 16, 2015
"The Value of Functional Behavioral Assessments" webinar

Date:Tue, Jul 7, 2015
Time:11:00 AM EDT
Duration:1 hour

Functional Behavioral Assessments can be valuable tools for helping your child to thrive in the school environment. Often, children with a variety of disabilities exhibit behaviors that impede their ability to learn, leaving parents and teachers frustrated due to slow progress. Functional Behavior Assessments, or FBA’s, can be valuable problem solving tools to help the school team to understand when, where, and why the behavior is occurring.

However, there are currently many misconceptions surrounding the process of assessing, designing, and implementing FBA’s. The purpose of this discussion is to help parents to identify what types of behaviors necessitate the need for an FBA, what to look for after the FBA has been conducted to ensure that the information is as helpful as possible, and what the next steps are after the FBA has been completed.


Ms. Austin has been in the Special Education field for over 15 years. She received her Master of Education (specializing in Special Education grades K-12) from James Madison University along with a degree in Psychology. She also taught Therapeutic Horseback Riding lessons while in school. Ms. Austin has her BCBA and is licensed to teach in Virginia. She has attended many local and online conferences and workshops relating to autism and research-progressive interventions.


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