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Announcing NEW PEATC workshops and initiatives

Topics include Juvenile Justice and a Fatherhood Initiative
Oct 27, 2015

We are pleased to announce our latest PEATC workshops and initiatives


  • Bridges Out of Poverty - The Bridges Out of Poverty workshop is designed as an overview to help schools, employers, community organizations, healthcare providers, social service agencies, law enforcement, and individuals by bringing all sectors and economic classes together to build resources that improve outcomes. Bridges Out of Poverty provides a framework for understanding the challenges and strengths of those in poverty. Three additional trainings are available upon request. Those include viewing poverty from the individual, community, or organizational lens.
  • Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World - If you’ve spent part of your life or most of your life struggling to get by in the world, the idea of actually getting ahead might seem out of reach. Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World is a 16 week series of small group sessions which take attendees step by step through a discovery of yourself. As a team we investigate realities of the conditions in your community and how they impact residents. These sessions are designed to provide solutions in a cohort environment.
  • Understanding Section 504-Civil Rights Law - Is a workshop designed to give parents and professionals a working knowledge of The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Section 504. The law is designed to eliminate discrimination on the bases of disability in any program or activity receiving federal funds. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of Section 504 and how it might ensure a student that attends a public school receives a free & appropriate public education.
  • DADS Organized & Engaged (DOE) - These series of workshops are designed to weave fathers more tightly into the academic and social fabric of the school community through tactile training, leadership development, peer mentoring, and engagement that promotes effective advocacy skills. The workshops promote appropriate communication skills with their child’s mother, school professionals, and other stakeholders as fathers are equipped to be a more visible and valuable asset to any educational school team as well as their child’s over all wellbeing.
  • Reversing the School to Prison Pipeline - This workshop is designed to promote disability awareness for School Resource Officers and Law Enforcement that serve in public school environments. It emphasizes rights of students with disabilities while encouraging policies and protocols that support capacity building in educational settings. Attendees of this workshop should leave with more information that can help them avoid unnecessary over representation of students with disabilities in the juvenile justice system.


  • PEATC’s Juvenile Justice Initiative - U.S. Department of Education data shows that in most states African Americans, Latino, and students with special needs get referred to police and courts disproportionately. This high volume of referrals from schools is fueling much debate that zero tolerance policies and school policing are creating a “school-to-prison pipeline”. These approaches can criminalize behavior better dealt with outside the courts.

In May 2015 The Center for Public Integrity released findings and ranked states by their rate of referral for every 1,000 students.

The Key Findings

  • Virginia tops the nation as #1
  • Referral of students to law enforcement nationwide in 2011-2012 occurred at a rate of 6 for every 1000 students, with 19 states surpassing that rate
  • Special-needs students were 14% of US enrollment, but represented 26% of students referred to law enforcement
  • Virginia led all states with a rate of almost 16 referrals per 1,000

Our pilot project involves engaging what is referred to as the 7 P’s (Principals, Police, Parents, Pastors, Proprietors, Partners, and Politicians). The goal is to promote collaboration and education involving stakeholders in communities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia that reverses the school to prison pipeline.

  • PEATC’s Fatherhood Initiative - According to the US Census Bureau, 24 million children in America- one out of every three live in a biological father absent home. Nine in ten American parents agree this is a “crises”. It is estimated that there are 70.1 million fathers across the nation.

Over 40 years of research shows that students perform better academically, have fewer discipline issues, and generally become more responsible adults when parents are actively involved in the learning process. Fathers have the ability to enhance student performance by:

  • Modeling appropriate decision making
  • Modeling appropriate emotional behavior
  • Modeling appropriate advocacy skills

PEATC’s new fatherhood initiative will increase parent engagement of dads in diverse communities and educational settings.

For more information please contact Derek Flake, Community Outreach Specialist

800-869-6782 (Toll Free) | 800-693-3514 (Fax) |

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