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College Transition Q & A
Nov 09, 2015
Ask questions and get answers on College Transition with Elizabeth Hamblet, a learning specialist at Columbia University, where she helps students with time management, organization, reading, and study skills.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Elizabeth C. Hamblet, has worked at the college level for over 15 years after starting her career in the field as a high school special education teacher and case manager. Having recognized the information gap that led high school teachers unaware of how to prepare their students for success at college, she decided to work to educate professionals and families about how to help students make a smooth transition to postsecondary education. Ms. Hamblet presents locally and at national conferences to educate professionals, parents, and students about the changes students find at college and how to best prepare them. In addition to her book, 7 Steps for Success: High School to College Transition Strategies for Students with Disabilities, she has published numerous articles on this topic. She also continues to do what she loves most - working with students - learning consultant at Columbia University. Ms. Hamblet offers advice and information on her website at

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