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A NEW on-demand PEATC training webinar

"FOIA: The Freedom of Information Act and it's Impact on Local SEACs"
Nov 24, 2015

"FOIA: The Freedom of Information Act and it's Impact on Local SEACs" webinar

Local Special Education Advisory Committees ("SEAC") are subject to the requirements of Virginia's Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA"). Compliance with the law requires SEACs to respond to proper records requests; provide appropriate, reasonable notice to the public about when meetings are to be held; and comply with public meeting requirements. A local SEAC's compliance with FOIA increases public awareness and involvement in its activities, and can significantly advance local special education advocacy. On the other hand, failures to comply with FOIA can result in costly litigation, and fines. This webinar will inform what local SEACs need to do to satisfy FOIA's applicable requirements.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Mr. Timothy R. Johnson, Partner at The Law Offices of Timothy R. Johnson
Mr. Johnson is an attorney admitted to practice law in New Jersey, New York, and Virginia. Before becoming an attorney, he was an advocate for parents and children with disabilities in special education matters. Mr. Johnson continues to represent families in special education disputes with school districts, and litigates matters using various discovery tools including Freedom of Information Act requests.

This webinar can be viewed at:

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