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ADHD - Positive impact of Summer Camps and Nature based programs
Feb 17, 2016

"ADHD - Positive impact of Summer Camps and Nature based programs"

A significant body of ongoing research and study indicates nature-based and other outdoor venues significantly enhance efficacy and quality of learning, while providing academic respite for students who have ADHD.

As spring approaches, now is the time of year to plan and schedule camps, retreats, and workshops for students, K through College, for spring break, end of school year, and summer.

Dr. Jon Thomas, LPC is founding director of the ADHD College Success Guidance Program, an integrated nature-based retreat college readiness training, counseling, and coaching program for college and college-bound students who have ADHD.

During his presentation, Dr. Thomas will discuss the usefulness of camps and other nature-based programs for ADHD students and highlight some of the resources available in the greater Washington area.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Dr. Jon Thomas, LPC - "At the beginning of my career as a counselor some 25 years ago, I found myself drawn to working with young adults who were leaving home for college. My personal investment in this life stage came as no surprise, as it mirrored my own struggles as a young man with ADHD moving into the world." For more information:

This webinar can be viewed at:

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