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A NEW on-demand PEATC training webinar

"Promoting Pro-Social Skills in Young Children - Setting Up for Success"
Apr 13, 2016

There are countless ways that learning disabilities can make it difficult for children to navigate the social world successfully. Those struggles exist at home as well as at school. This webinar will provide parents of young children with practical strategies to use at home for encouraging on-task and pro-social behavior. Parents will learn about ways to facilitate social learning and to foster their child’s independence and cooperation, reducing frustration for parents and kids.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Meredith Jaeckel, LCSW - Educational Consultant

Ms. Jaeckel is an educational counselor who has worked first hand with children since 1999. Meredith graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelors degree in Child and Family Studies and from the University of Chicago with a Masters degree in Social Work with a specialization in School Social Work. Meredith has presented at annual conferences of the Learning Disabilities Association of America on topics relating to behavior, classroom management, and social skills development for children with special needs.

You can access this webinar at:

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