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A NEW On-Demand PEATC webinar

"Assistive Technology for Literacy"
Apr 28, 2016

The intent of the session is to expose parents to the principles of universal design for learning as it relates to AT and literacy, specifically relating to the provision of inclusive literacy learning opportunities for students with disabilities. It will provide parents with a sampling of AT supports, tools and devices that can be utilized to support students with literacy challenges.

Parents will gain explicit knowledge of the principles of UDL, as it relates to assistive technology and literacy. Participants will be aware of an alternative and adaptive literacy supports that can be utilized with students with disabilities. Participants will leave with the knowledge of multiple solutions that can support students with learning differences. Parents will be introduced to iOS apps that will aid with access to printed materials and help to reinforce literacy instruction.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Andrew Drummond, M.Ed, ATS-PgCert

"Throughout my career, I have specialized in helping children and adolescents with learning differences. During the inception of this company, it was my intent to create a team of highly accomplished, experienced and dynamic related service providers to work with Out of the Box Accessibility Solutions. As an assistive technology consultant, I have always taken pride in providing innovative and pragmatic solutions to support the needs of the individual."

Educational History

  • London Metropolitan University, DipHE., Undergraduate Work
  • Leeds Metropolitan University, BA ( Hons )., Undergraduate Work
  • George Mason University, M. Ed. , Special Education
  • George Mason University, Pg Cert. , Assistive Technology

Related Past Work Experience

  • Public Elementary School Teacher, VA
  • Public Middle School Teacher, VA
  • Local Education Authority Representative, DC
  • Public School K-12 Assistive Technology Evaluator, DC
  • Educational Advocate, VA

You can access the webinar at:

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