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A NEW On-Demand PEATC webinar

"Coming of Age: My Child Is Turning 18, Now What?"
Jun 07, 2016

This webinar presentation covers two aspects of Age of Majority issues presented by The disAbility Law Center of Virginia (dLCV): Social Security and Alternatives to Guardianship

"Social Security: The Age 18 Re-determination and Related Topics", presented by Elizabeth Horn
Synopsis -Students on SSI as a child will be re-determined at age 18 based on the adult rules. How is the decision made, can benefits be extended, is working during this time recommended? What about applying for the first time? These are a few of the questions that will be addressed in this presentation along with YOUR questions about this important transition.

"Alternatives to Guardianship", presented by Dana Traynham
My child is almost 18 or has already reached that milestone…what do we need to do now? Is guardianship our only option? There are often other options besides guardianship for individuals who may need extra support in making decisions as adults. We will discuss those options and answer your questions about navigating this important stage in your child’s life.


Elizabeth Horn, Disability Rights Advocate, dLCV
Elizabeth has 38 years of experience working with individuals with disabilities. She served as executive director of the Weber County Arc in Ogden, Utah and as executive director of the Brain Injury Association of Virginia followed by a five year term as Human Rights Advocate for the Virginia Department of Aging and Rehabilitation Services. These experiences convinced Elizabeth that often, securing social security disability benefits, can be the underpinning to housing, independence and the opportunity to develop one’s potential to work. She operated Disability Benefits Assistance, Inc. for 16 years In 2013 she joined disAbility Law Center of Virginia as a Disability Rights Advocate. Perhaps her best experience is raising her 22 year old son, an individual with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Dana Traynham, Senior Staff Attorney, dLCV
Dana has worked with and for people with disabilities for over 25 years. She has held a variety of positions in Virginia and California including case manager (both ID and MH), in-home counselor, direct care and management in group homes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, MH clubhouse counselor, and advocate. She has been a staff attorney at the disAbility Law Center (formerly Virginia Office for Protection and Advocacy or VOPA) since May 2000 (she did leave in 2005 to pursue private practice, but was elated to return a year later!). She received her undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia, MSW at Virginia Commonwealth University and J.D. at the University of Richmond.

"Coming of Age: My Child Is Turning 18, Now What?" can be accessed at:

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