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"Family Engagement: Creating Synergy" webinar
Sep 28, 2016

"Family Engagement: Creating Synergy"

Creating a synergy between parents and schools around authentic family engagement initiatives can lead to better outcomes for students. During this interactive workshop, parents and professionals will explore their personal definition of family engagement and examine how their individual participation contributes to the partnership of shared responsibility for the success of all children. Participants will consider strategies that move from random and isolated family engagement efforts to more systemic, integrated, responsive and sustainable approaches to family engagement. Local and state level examples of these strategies will be shared.

Presenter: Tina Norris - Tina Norris serves as the Family Engagement Specialist at PEATC. She is passionate about serving others through volunteering and outreaching. As a parent who has guided her own children through the elaborate education system she believes that family engagement is essential for the success of all children. Her experience and practical approach allows her to establish collaborative relationships with schools, communities and advocacy organizations is vital to strengthening family engagement within our communities and schools. Tina presents interactive workshops on bullying prevention, family engagement and puberty. She is a member of the Family Involvement Network, National Association for Family, School, and Community Engagement, International Bullying Prevention Association and the American School Counselors Association.

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