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A NEW On-Demand training opportunity

"Understanding Testing Results for Dyslexia"
Oct 05, 2016

Understanding Testing Results for Dyslexia Webinar

Dr. Varia will discuss key elements that must be included in a thorough assessment to tease out dyslexia. The webinar will help inform parents about what learning areas to be assessed, why it should be assessed, and the implications. We will also go over what standard scores and scaled scores to better interpret your child's unique profile.

Presenter: Dr. Rachna Varia - Dr. Varia co-founded MindWell in 2004 and serves as the Director of Testing and Diagnostics. Dr. Varia has been a licensed clinical psychologist for over 16 years. After becoming a parent, she saw a need to create a professional clinic in a warm, family friendly setting that understood the needs of parents and children. Dr. Varia trademarked MindWell ® in 2009

Access the webinar HERE:

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