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Guess Who’s Turning 30???

Public Law 99-457
Oct 03, 2016

Join the U.S. Department of Education in Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Baby IDEA!

This October marks the 30th Anniversary of the passage of Public Law 99-457, which established Part C and mandated Part B, Section 619 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

As key partners in improving results and upholding the rights of infants, toddlers, and preschool children requiring early intervention and special education services, OSEP invites you to join in celebrating this important occasion!

So share your baby stories! Blog, Facebook post, Instagram, and tweet how early childhood provisions in IDEA have affected your life and your child’s. Use the #babyIDEAis30 hashtag to share the message. Don’t forget The Department of Education is also on Instagram (@usedgov) and Facebook --- so don’t forget to tag them!

Additionally, join them on Friday, October 7th for their Early Childhood IDEA Google Hangout!

Visit the OSEP website at for more details once they become available to join the discussion of how the law has helped the past, present, and future of early learning and children with disabilities.

Find additional resources below!

"Early Learning Making a Difference"

"John King Celebrates the 30th Birthday of IDEA Part B, Section 619, and IDEA Part C."

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