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"Organization, Rewards, and Success!"
Oct 20, 2016

Organization, Rewards, and Success!

WEBINAR: How significantly does disorganization impact your child’s academic success? Simply put, it is such an important factor of their success that it can, single-handedly, keep them from being the awesome little scholars we envision they will become. If that is so, why is there not a greater emphasis on teaching organizational skills to our children? Unfortunately, on a whole, the education system is overlooking the opportunity to nurture organizational skills in our children, and quite frankly, so are we as parents most of the time. In this webinar, we will dive into the importance of early organizational skills development and what to do as parents and educators to help cultivate strong organization skills in children even as young as 2 years old.

Avian Mills, Organizational Design Specialist, CEO of Closets and Kids, LLC
Avian Mills is a Richmond native. She attended J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College where she received an Associate of Arts and Sciences in Special Education and Teaching. She is also a student at Ashford University where she working on a Bachelor of Arts in Child Development. Additionally, Avian has studied at the Art Institute of Charlotte for Interior Design and Converse College where she studied Art Education. She worked for Dominion Youth Services as a Teacher’s Assistant helping children with learning and developmental disabilities.

Avian herself has always loved being organized. With the help of UnBoundRVA, Avian was able to utilize this skill and passion to make her dream of being an entrepreneur come true.

Avian specializes in chronic disorganization to better serve her clients, especially those suffering from ADD/ADHD, who benefit greatly from a clearly structured organizational plan. She aims to instill strong organizational habits in kids at a young age to ensure their organizational and academic success as they grow and develop.

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NOTE: You can read more on "Putting the Pieces Together: Organization, Rewards, Success!" by our guest blogger Avian Mills at:

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