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A NEW On-Demand training opportunity

"Mindfulness and Movement for Caretakers" presented by The Mind Body Project
Nov 21, 2016

"Mindfulness and Movement for Caretakers" presented by The Mind Body Project is a webinar that will cover some techniques caretakers can use to take care of themselves - physically and mentally. We will begin with aligning our bodies to awaken our central nervous system. We will then go through a few breathing exercises to introduce how to pay attention to your breath, a few basics of the neuroscience supporting mediation and mindfulness, go over different types of breath we can use depending on our mood (high energy or low energy), and then bring some movement into our breathing practice (these can be done seated in a chair or on a mat) . We will end either lying down or a seated relaxation.

PRESENTER: Sarah Crane, US Programs Manager, The Mind Body Project

After earning her degree in Exercise Science and Psychology from George Mason University, Sarah explored the worlds of teaching and insurance while practicing yoga and began teaching Power Pilates and Barre. Sarah loved the intense balance of flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance that Pilates and Barre provided her and to others. She loved yoga too, but she wasn’t quite sure why. It wasn’t until Sarah reunited with an old friend from High School, Erin Henshaw, who had started a wellness company, The Mind Body Project, that Sarah began to understand why she loved yoga. Erin taught her the neuroscience behind paying attention to your breath (meditation) even for just a few moments can relax the central nervous system allowing one to not only feel relaxed, but can also improve cognitive functioning, productivity, and mood. Sarah was inspired to earn her 200 hour yoga certification where she learned more about meditation and mindfulness (paying attention on purpose to the current moment). Sarah began working for The Mind Body Project and teaches yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and pilates.

You can view the webinar HERE:

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