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PEATC's Military Outreach program
Nov 10, 2016

Empowering & Engaging Military Families

The Military Outreach program through the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center was created to provide awareness and assistance to military families, and professionals that support them, in Virginia through various outreach activities; networking - attending meetings that support military families, exhibiting and presenting workshops –as well as interacting and assisting parents and professionals.
The Military Outreach Initiative continues to demonstrate its mission – to increase the quality, quantity, and access of parenting education services as well as to encourage maximum participation from and with military families and those that serve them.

Military Outreach Initiatives

  • IEP All Hands and Aboveboard: Working Together for Our Children’s Best Interest The IEP All Hands Workshop was designed to promote special education awareness for military parents across the state of Virginia. In collaboration with VDOE, IEP All Hands and Aboveboard emphasizes the rights that military parents have in the special education process. This 2 day workshop is done through tactile training, Education on the laws and regulations in Virginia, leadership development, engagement and collaborative opportunities that promote effective advocacy skills.
  • IEP: Back to Basics The IEP Back to Basics was designed to build professionals knowledge base on special education and how to better assist military families as they navigate the special needs arena. IEP Back to Basics is a 1 day workshop in collaboration with VDOE emphasizes the rights of students with disabilities and the unique struggles military children face.

PEATC Workshops (for parents and professionals)

  • Managing Your Impact What are some causes and triggers to personality conflicts specifically for IEP meetings? Motivated by different reasons, difference in willingness to take risks, lack of knowledge about the topic, misunderstanding of the message of the other, preconceived perceptions, previous interactions… etc. This workshop will analyze human personality traits and promising collaborative practices identified in literature and research. Participants will walk away with increased knowledge on what drives personality, how personality conflict can arise and what steps can be implemented to address those conflicts that arise.
  • Teambuilding Working in special education requires teamwork. Communicating in the IEP meeting requires a team approach and collaboration. Each team members (parent, teachers, psychologists, specialists, administrators) contribution are equally valued and important. No member can work in isolation. All IEP team members must work together to help students be successful. This workshop will teach participants valuable information on effective communication, personal skills for working in a group, and how to effectively develop as a group. The focus on group development surrounds the Tuckman Model of Group Development and the characteristics seen in each stage. Workshop participants will learn how to more effectively navigate the stages of group development to develop into highly functioning teams.
  • Successful Transition Planning for the Military Child and the IEP Military parents and students aged 14 and older have unique considerations when it comes to preparing for life as an adult. This workshop will encourage active participation in developing a meaningful and useful transition plan, with focus on what the law (IDEA) says about transition services, as well as military specific topics such as surrogate decision making, special needs trust and the Survivor Benefits Plan and Secondary Dependency.

PEATC Workshops (for professionals)

  • Boundaries Setting clear boundaries are essential to ensuring mutually respectful, caring, and supportive relationships. There are no clearly defined ethical guidelines regarding boundaries in the relationships between educators and families. Problems can crop up when there is disconnect on key items related to boundaries in parent-professional relationships. This workshop walks participants through the importance of boundaries, how to address boundary issues, as well as how to manage parent expectations and conflicts.


For more information please contact:
Lisa Wakeman – Military Outreach Specialist
757-692-3637 ● 800-693-3514 (Fax) ●

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