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A NEW On-Demand PEATC webinar

Post-Secondary Transition For Students with Social, Communication & Learning Challenges
May 09, 2017
This presentation will review evidence-based approaches to post-secondary transition for students living with social, communication, and learning challenges.

Aaron Rakow, Chief Executive Officer. Aaron is a clinical psychologist and co-founder of College Steps. He has devoted his career to improving educational accessibility for students living with disabilities across a variety of categories. In addition to his role at College Steps, Aaron is also an Assistant Professor within the Department of Psychiatry at Georgetown University and co-founded and manages InSite Solutions, school-based mental health consulting and direct service non-profit serving communities of poverty in Washington, DC. Collectively, Aaron has fifteen years of experience working within the behavioral health field including at the National Institutes of Mental Health, Children’s National Health System, The Medical University of South Carolina and the University of Vermont.

This webinar can be accessed any time HERE:

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