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A NEW PEATC webinar

"Understanding the Impact of Trauma: What to Do at Home and School"
May 24, 2017
This webinar will present an overview of childhood trauma and how traumatic experiences can impact the learning and behavior of children and youth with special needs. We will explore how parents and caregivers can not only support their own children and youth, but also encourage schools and other agencies to adopt trauma-sensitive practices.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Kelly Henderson, Ph.D., Executive Director of Formed Families Forward

A special educator by profession, Kelly is a former public school teacher of students with emotional and behavioral disorders, and has worked in national and federal special education policy and research settings. Kelly’s family is formed in part through public foster care and adoption. Her children have a range of learning, behavioral and cognitive disabilities for which they have received early intervention, special education and related services. Kelly has trained adoptive, foster and kinship families and agency personnel on special education-related needs of children and has provided information and supports to many individual families. Kelly also serves as adjunct faculty at George Mason University, training graduate students and special education teachers. Kelly believes that formed families must have information and advocacy tools to improve the delivery of appropriate services, and to increase the academic, social and behavioral outcomes for children and youth with special needs.

You can access this webinar HERE:

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