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U.S. Senate preparing to vote on the health care bill

Includes proposed cuts to Medicaid
Jun 21, 2017

The Senate is preparing to vote on the health care bill next week. Senator’s want to fulfill their “Repeal and Replace” campaign promise before the July 4th recess.

While most Senators have been briefed on the legislation most admit that they have not read the bill.

More than 15 million people with disabilities may be at risk under the Senate’s proposed Medicaid cuts, 4 million of those 15 million are children.

Let your voice be heard! It is time to make sure that our lawmakers fully understand the impact of the proposed changes to Medicaid and health care benefits to the families of children with special needs and disabilities.

Let your legislators know that it is okay to slow down the legislative process because children’s health care may be at risk.

The following links describe some of the ways that you can let your voice be heard:

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