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Encouraging Self-Advocacy

PACER Discusses Bullying
Mar 20, 2018


Encouraging Self-Advocacy: PACER Discusses Bullying 

Have you ever wondered what encouraging self-advocacy can look like?

In this video, Jody, director of PACER’s Parent Training and Information Center, shares a creative, real-life example to help visualize what self-advocacy can look like in action. One resource Jody shares within this episode is PACER’s Student Action Plan, which is a tool to develop strategies to prevent bullying and encourage self-advocacy.


Learn more about the Student Action Plan here:

Other Helpful Resources: 

“Student Action Plan Against Bullying” (covered in the video):

“Bullying and Harassment of Students with Disabilities: Top 10 facts parents, educators, and students need to know”:

“Help Your Child Recognize the Signs of Bullying”:

“The Individualized Education Program (IEP) and Bullying”:

“Notifying the School About A Bullying Situation”:

Version for a Student with an IEP:

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