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Planning for a Family Assessment and Planning Team

How can my family get help from the CSA?

You may get help by contacting either your local school, Mental Health Department, Health Department, Juvenile and Family Court Services, or Social Services Department. Tell them your situation and ask for a Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) meeting. If someone in your family is already receiving services from one of these agencies, contact someone at the agency and tell them what you think your child and family need. Every community refers families to a FAPT differently. Any agency mentioned above will tell you how things work in your community.

The Family Assessment and Planning Team

The Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) are members of community agencies and a parent representative who with your participation put together a plan of services to support your child and family. They are representatives from the Community Services Board, Juvenile Court Services, Social Services, Health Department and the Department of Education. Your family, your child if appropriate and your case manager are part of the team. Other service providers who know your child may attend along with friends or family advocates you invite.

Individualized Family Service Plan

Each FAPT member knows of services available in his own agency that may meet the needs of your family. The parent representative member of the FAPT draws on his experience as a parent and helps keep the team focused on the child and the family. FAPT members often think up ideas and build upon suggestions. This sharing of ideas takes time; but the results are a plan that should meet the needs of your family. Once your team has agreed on the needed services, the information is written on the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). The IFSP will state:

  • Who will receive services;
  • What services are needed;
  • Why they are needed;
  • When these services will be provided;
  • How long they will last; and
  • What the costs of the services are.
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