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PEATC, Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center
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IEP Checklist App

The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) is pleased to announce Version 2 of the IEP Checklist iPhone app. The IEP is an Individualized Education Program designed to support the educational needs of school aged students with disabilities. The IEP Checklist App helps parents of students with special needs become better-informed advocates by making IEP information easier to access. Version 2 has active links to the relevant language in the federal regulations; allows users to record the IEP meeting or record notes; and has the capacity to print out notes and click on a checklist as requested items are discussed.

The IEP app is offered free of charge.

Download Version 2 of the IEP Checklist

To download IEP Checklist iPhone Application, click here.IEP Checklist

iPhone Application Demonstration

Below are brief videos that describe how the IEP Checklist works.


Arlington, VA -- January 28, 2010 -- Nurvee (, an interactive business and venture incubator, was selected by the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) to develop the first iPhone mobile application for special education called the IEP CHECKLIST. "Nurvee is always looking for ways to enable businesses and organizations to succeed in the community and the market place," said Nurvee Founder Sean Harmer. "When PEATC approached us about developing the IEP CHECKLIST, we were very excited about the opportunity to design and build a technology solution that would support their advocacy mission to parents and students, not only in Virginia but throughout the country." The IEP CHECKLIST is currently available on the iTunes application store and is designed as a resource for parents and teachers as they prepare for the Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings. Looking forward, Nurvee's interactive services are already working on version 2.0 of the IEP CHECKLIST, which will include advanced features like audio recording, data export functionality, and a multi-lingual user interfaces.

ABOUT NURVEE Derived from the concept of Nurtured Ventures, Nurvee is an interactive business incubator and partner. Founded in 2008, the Northern Virginia based company has joined with organizations and businesses to help launch new ventures and restart existing ones. Whether building iPhone applications for nonprofit organizations, designing programs to manage renewable energy sources, or deploying global communications networks; Nurvee is committed to helping organizations, businesses, and ideas succeed in the market place. For more information, contact Nurvee at 1-800-880-5233 or visit

IEP Checklist iPhone App Well Received by Parents and Educational Professionals

FALLS CHURCH -- The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) officially launched its first iPhone App specifically designed to help families and teachers plan for educational services for students with disabilities on January 28, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City. PEATC's IEP Checklist iPhone app was developed in response to the rising need for families with children with disabilities to have on-the-spot intelligent assistance working with schools to develop Individual Education Programs (IEPs). The IEP Checklist has garnered much praise since its release in mid-January. Sharman Barret from the national Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights Center said, "It was so much fun being there at the launch and to know what an invaluable tool your center has created for families." The app can be downloaded from the PEATC website or by entering "IEP Checklist" into the iTunes store search bar. The app is free, and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Michael Heaney, President of PEATC's Board of Directors welcomed the audience of more than 150 guests, including state and national disability rights leaders and explaining that "We created this app because we recognized that families needed an additional boost to feel more confident about their involvement in the process, and to provide an "advocate in the pocket." Heaney also thanked the event sponsors: The HSC Foundation, TD Bank, William B. Reichhardt and Associates, and the PACER Center. "It is heartening for a small non profit like PEATC to have sponsoring agencies that recognize the value that even small organizations bring to the continuing effort to ensure all people with disabilities have equal access," said Heaney.

Paula Goldberg, Executive Director of the nationally recognized PACER Center spoke about the impact the IEP Checklist application will have on families and professionals. "I can see how this application can empower families and equalize the relationship between families and professionals. I can also visualize young people working on their own IEPs, being able to reference the federal regulations that say that their transition goals are supposed to be based on their strengths, needs, preferences and interests."

Parent centers and parents from all over the country are singing the praises of this IEP Checklist app. "Thank[s] for this amazing IEP application! This is just the sort of tool that families that have children in special education need to prepare and participate in the IEP. It not only gives them the information on IDEA 2004 and the IEP but also assists in keeping their child's information organized and easily accessed. "I especially appreciate that you launched this helpful tool in English and Spanish," said Mary Ellen Peterson, M.A., CEO, Parents Helping Parents, Inc.

"I have downloaded the app, and it is wonderful! I really like that the ed code citations are embedded in it, as well as it being available in English or Spanish...very useful," said Debbie Drennan on

The app is also reaching around the globe. Mohammed Albahiri, a parent living in Glasgow, Scotland, UK said, "I have just downloaded the new application IEP Checklist and found it really great and helpful for me as a father of child in special need and, at the same time, a researcher in education."

For more information, please visit or call 800-869-6782.

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Here is what people are saying about the IEP Application:

"When I was at an IEP [meeting] about transition issues, there was a question and I was able to pop out my iPod Touch and open up my IEP checklist and answer the question. I believe that this is going to be an invaluable tool for advocates and parents alike. Thank you so much."
  • Nancy Garner, Director of Special Projects
    Oklahoma Parents Center
"Best new IEP Innovation...and dare we say, most hip? It has every step, fact, and law – arranged in easy to access categories and sub-categories, color-coded, with space for your notes. All at your fingertips – great for parents AND professionals!"

"The PEATC IEP iPhone Application is a must have for any parent preparing for an IEP Meeting! Had it not been for the IEP application I would have missed out on including important information in the IEP. Thanks PEATC for such a GREAT time saving helper with our IEP Meetings!!"

"The checklist shows items with notes as highlighted, so you're less likely to forget what you wanted to say in the stressful atmosphere of an IEP meeting. For sure, you're going to look like an organized and savvy force to be reckoned with."
  • Terri Mauro, author, blogger and mother of two children with special needs

"I have just downloaded the new application IEP Checklist and found it really great and helpful for me as a father of child in special need and, at the same time, a researcher in education."
  • Mohammed Albahiri, Ph.D. student
    Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

"I have downloaded the app, and it is wonderful! I really like that the ed code citations are embedded in it, as well as it being available in English or Spanish...very useful."
  • Debbie Drennan
    posted on

"A HUGE Thank you from all of us at Parents Helping Parents for creating a usable application for our families of children with special needs, our staff is over the top with excitement. We salute you at PEATC."
  • Mary Ellen Peterson, M.A.CEO, PHP
    Sobrato Center for Nonprofits-San Jose, San Jose,CA

"This innovative use of technology by PEATC gives parents, students, and teachers a new tool leading to more effective participation and, hopefully, improved quality of IEPs."
  • Robert H. Pasternack, Ph.D; NCSP
    Former Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation

"Being a Pediatrician makes me knowledgeable about many things regarding child development and medical issues. Unfortunately, that knowledge doesn't help me advocate for my child with special needs in the school system. IEP meetings can be intimidating, even for me. The IEP checklist is a wonderful tool that helps me feel more secure."
  • Subarna Basu Dharia, M.D.
    Fairfax, Virginia

"As a special education attorney I am always looking for ways to help empower parents as advocates for children with disabilities. This innovative application will be a welcome tool to assist parents and professionals to keep track of the procedures and required elements of an effective IEP."
  • William B. Reichhardt, Esquire
    Fairfax, Virginia

Thanks to Our Sponsors

PEATC thanks the following organizations for sponsoring the IEP Application Launch:

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The HSC Foundation

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TD Bank

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William B. Reichhardt and Associates

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