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PEATC, Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center
Assisting families of children with special needs since 1978
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Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center

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Our Organization

PEATC is committed to reaching all families, schools and communities as they build positive futures for Virginia's children.

Our Mission

Building positive futures by empowering individuals with disabilities through education and training.
We accomplish this by offering:

  • Services and support for families and professionals
  • Easy-to-understand, research-based information and training
  • Opportunities for strategic partnerships and advocacy for systemic improvement

Our Vision

To be a nationally recognized leader in the development, communication and dissemination of state-of-the-art education, training, outreach and support services for children, particularly children with disabilities, their families and the professionals who serve them.

Our Values

  • Families are children's first and best teachers.
  • Information and training enrich and empower families and professionals to build strong partnerships.
  • All children deserve opportunities to live, learn and participate fully in their communities.
  • Children with disabilities can achieve independence and make valuable contributions to society.

PEATC helps families.....

  • Negotiate the education and service system maze
  • Effectively communicate their child's needs (from birth to age 22)
  • Develop self-advocacy and self-determination in children and youth
  • Organize information so that overwhelming problems become manageable
  • Manage their emotions for their child's benefit and talk so others will listen
  • Learn the difference between effective advocacy and being adversarial
  • Experience and enjoy the power of partnerships and successful collaboration

PEATC helps professionals.....

  • Understand the strengths and dreams families have for their children
  • Provide more effective and innovative services
  • Experience and enjoy the power of partnerships and successful collaboration

Our History

The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) is the parent information and training center serving families and professionals of children with disabilities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. PEATC promotes respectful, collaborative partnerships between parents, schools, professionals and the community that increase the possibilities of success for children with disabilities.

PEATC began its proud history of building partnerships to create improved educational opportunities for children with special needs with one family, one child and a courageous school administrator. Sometime in 1970, the parents of Danny Chitwood approached Win Anderson, the Director of Resurrection Preschool, about the possibility of allowing their son with disabilities to attend classes with the other students at their school. Following Danny's successful inclusion, Win and the Chitwoods were inundated with questions from other families who wanted information about advocating for their children under IDEA, the new special education law.

Responding to this pressing need, Win Anderson and Steve Chitwood began a remarkable journey that ultimately touched the lives of thousands of families through the creation of PEATC, the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center. Founded in August of 1978 as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, PEATC has become a leader in education support, training and advocacy providing information to families and professionals throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond.

Today, the PEATC Press quarterly newsletter has a circulation of more than 14,000 while provides information to a worldwide audience. AT PEATC, we don't just talk about partnerships, we've been living them for 30 years.

Our Staff

PEATC staff and board of directors are caring and responsive individuals who include parents of children with and without disabilities, professionals, self-advocates and community leaders.

Our Outreach

PEATC is committed to reaching all families, including traditionally underserved, rural and low-income populations and those families that do not know how their effective involvement can make a difference. Outreach efforts include program support for African-American and Latino populations across the Commonwealth. Se habla espa�ol.

Our Products

Innovative Products include nationally-recognized models in training and assessment tools, guides and curriculum, easy-to-read, leading-edge publications, videos, a comprehensive website with exciting online resources and a free quarterly newsletter, the PEATC Press. We also present at diverse workshops and conferences. Some current topics include:

  • Special Education
  • No Child Left Behind
  • Cultural Competency
  • Transition (School to Adult Life)
  • Transition (School to Adult Life)
  • Parent/School Communication
  • Reading and Literacy
  • Early Intervention
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Inclusion
  • Comprehensive Services Act
  • Managed Health Care
  • Foster Care

Help Make a Difference

Individuals/Corporate Supporters
PEATC is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

We welcome your contributions of time, expertise, in-kind services or financial resources. Please call or visit us at:

8003 Forbes Place, Suite 310
Springfield, VA 22151
703-923-0010 (phone)
800-869-6782 (toll free)

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PEATC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to building positive futures for Virginia's children by working collaboratively with families, schools and communities in order to improve opportunities for excellence in education and success in school and community life. Our special focus is children with disabilities. You can reach PEATC by calling 703-923-0010 (Voice/TTY), or sending an e-mail to

Celebrating 30 Years of Building Better Futures for Virginia's Children

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