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Assisting families of children with special needs since 1978
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Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice initiatives of PEATC are designed to promote disability awareness and engagement that involves the 7 P’s (Principals, Police, Parents, Pastors, Proprietors, Partners, and Politicians). It emphasizes rights of students with disabilities while encouraging policies and protocols that support capacity building in educational settings for at-risk students. The goal is to promote collaboration and education involving stakeholders in communities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia which reverse the school to prison pipeline.

NEW: Juvenile Justice Factsheet

PEATC factsheet New Juvenile Justice Factsheet: How to Help Children Cope with an Incarcerated Parent

A 2015 Child Trends study found that 1 out of every 14 American children has one parent who is currently, or has previously been incarcerated. How do you explain where that person went or why they went away?

House Bill 1213 passed

press release On April 8, 2016, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe approved historic legislation that creates a new legal defense for children with special needs.

Virginia House Bill 1213 permits defendants to introduce school records, such as behavior plans, in juvenile court as evidence that they lacked willfulness or intent.

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PEATC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to building positive futures for Virginia's children by working collaboratively with families, schools and communities in order to improve opportunities for excellence in education and success in school and community life. Our special focus is children with disabilities. You can reach PEATC by calling 703-923-0010 (Voice/TTY), or sending an e-mail to

Celebrating 30 Years of Building Better Futures for Virginia's Children

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